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Do strange things happen to you, occasionally?
Last week, my website experienced a series of unexplained glitches. I think that everyone who works in an office, or runs a website, blog, or simply uses computers, sooner or later will come across some issues. That is part of life.

Between Monday and Friday last week, that is only five days, the following happened to my website:

1)      My newsletter sign up fields disappeared.
At first I thought I messed it up myself, because I had changed some of the wording in the sign up description. I couldn’t believe it. All those people queuing to sign up to my newsletter… what were they going to do now? So I emailed the techie guy who helps me with this kind of thing.
Three hours later, he emails me back asking if I had solved the problem by myself. I went to look again at my website and the sign up fields were there again. I hadn’t done anything. Basically it had broken and fixed itself.

2)      The cover of my new book, The Broken Heart Refuge 1, had disappeared from my website.
Considering that this is my latest book, I was kind of annoyed that it should just vanish; it was there on the 2nd of January, so why should it suddenly go two days later?
Well, it turned out, after some careful investigation – I put my Marlowe hat on, just to stay in character with my series – that this book cover is only visible on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer latest version. It doesn’t affect the other book covers, but only this one. You try and explain that to me!

3)      Still staying on the theme of book covers, I also found out that my first book A Deal with a Stranger, was displaying the English book cover on my Italian book page. I am sure that I never loaded on that page the English book cover, the Italian stuff goes on the Italian pages and the English stuff goes on the English pages. Why on earth would I have two flags up there, otherwise?

I wondered how these things came about. As you know, I have a four-year old daughter, Sofia. She is attracted to computers, gadgets, and things with buttons. She owns two toy-laptops (thanks to her generous uncles/aunts) and even her own tablet (thanks to grandma/grandpa). Her latest tablet is a dream: it’s colourful, it’s got fairies and princesses, you can do everything on it, videos, photos, drawing and games. I am jealous, because I don’t have such a cool toy. My laptop is boring, it’s black with a hint of red around it. That’s as much colour as it gets. The most exciting video I’ve watched on it is of a guy in a dark suit talking about marketing. Despite all of this, Sofia is attracted to my laptop. When I’m not looking, she’s in there like a shot, at my keyboard. I always lock it, but she bashes it and presses all the buttons until she eventually crashes the thing and I have to restart it. If I forget to lock my laptop (God forbid!), the instant I’m throwing the spaghetti into the boiling water, for example, she manages to move all the icons on my desktop and activate commands I didn’t even know existed.

So, I was thinking, could she have done that to my website, last week?  Mmhhh… Sofia doesn’t have the login and password to start with. Second, she knows the letters of the alphabet, but cannot read or write; navigating the commands of a WordPress website may be beyond her reach. OK then, who is responsible? Since we are talking about disappearances (fields from newsletters, invisible book covers), and here at home we have other things that vanish, namely socks from the washing machine and teaspoons from cutlery drawers, could it be that there is a single, how shall we call it, entity, involved?

But, do strange things happen to you too, occasionally?


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