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Last Monday I celebrated the launch of my new series: The Broken Heart Refuge, with its first book, Betrayal.

As mentioned in my last blog, we did an online party on Facebook, so that we could all join in at different times of the day and contribute with comments, sharing, etc. Some of you, however, are not on Facebook, so I’ve decided to post a summary here, with some photos, of what went on during our celebrations.

The topic of my series deals with the subject of Broken Hearts, so I ran a competition with three questions relating to this subject. I asked my readers to answer the questions. The answers that got more ‘likes’ would receive a prize.

So here we are with the questions and the winning answers.


Trude won this one with her answer: I had my heart broken a few times too many, each time the door to my heart closed a little harder. It slowly turned into a cold, hard rock in my chest, and I was not sure anyone would ever show me love that was warm enough to melt the ice I carried inside.

The prize for this was (cappuccino optional)

The Broken Heart Refuge Mug

The second question in the competition was:

The Broken Heart Refuge 1 - Betrayal, Martina Munzittu

Siv was the winner for this one, her answer was: My husband, asked me to marry him only 4 days after we met. That was the 11th of march 2007. We got married on the 7th of June 2008 and we are still married AND as my morning gift I got this: (photo of Siv showing great emotion as she opens car door) – I think I have all possible emotions in that moment = LOVE  and finally – he lets me be who I am.

The prize for this question was:


The last question was:

The Broken Heart Refuge 1 - Betrayal - Martina Munzittu

Massimo won this one with his answer: A broken heart is sent to heaven to be mended. Judge a garden by the number of its flowers, and not by the leaves that fall. Measure your good days with the smiles that shone and not the tears that rolled.

The prize for this answer was a signed copy of my book.

We had a lot of fun at the party, it was lively and there were many interesting comments and so many touching stories. You can still read them here.

And, let’s not forget that in Nonna Pina’s house, there is always cake and tea. Since I am really considerate and you’re so far away, I had a slice on your behalf as well. I hope the success of this series will outlive the cake.

Cake for the Broken Heart Refuge Party - Martina Munzittu

Cake, anyone?


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I like to have a cup of tea in the afternoons, but I don’t always have cake with it. Yesterday, however, I fancied a little treat, so I had a slice of lemon cake to go along with my drink. As I had my first sip of tea, I observed my sweet temptation and wondered: if the heroines of my books were to face this lemon cake now, what would they think?

Clara, from A Deal with a Stranger, has an obsession with food, in particular desserts. She would be right in her element. She would probably pick up the small plate and bring it closer to her face, in order to smell the cake first. Because it’s lemon cake, she would expect to detect the hint of the fruit, and possibly spot some lemon zest in the sponge. Then she would dive into it. Her thoughts would be something like: “Not bad. The sugar on top is lemony too. I would probably have put a layer of lemony cream or crème patissière in the middle, to make it even more palatable, but that’s fine too. I now need a second slice to get a better idea of what it really tasted like.”

Lucy, the more traditional one of my Incompatible Twins, likes to eat good food and is keen on puddings; she wouldn’t say no to a slice of lemon cake. Her thoughts would be along the lines of: “Tea and cake during working hours? Why not? It’s nice to have a treat every now and then, especially after working on the computer all day. Just make sure you don’t make a habit of it. Otherwise, who’s going to fit into that Kenneth Cole dress again?”

Poppy, the more unconventional one of my Incompatible Twins, likes good food too, but is a vegetarian and always very careful about how food is made and what it contains. She would be quizzing the person who brings her the cake, her line of questioning would be something like this: “Thank you for this, but I need to know a little more. Is it made with free range eggs? Is that sugar on top, instead of honey? Were the lemons organic?” Before you’ve even had the chance to reply, she’s already decided that not only she’s not going to eat your cake, but she’s not even going to touch it.

Nonna Pina, who runs the Broken Heart Refuge, will be looking at this slice of cake with a smile. She knows that if you’re feeling a little sad, but you’re in the company of friends, and you’re having a cup of tea all together and are sharing a cake, you are bound to feel a little bit better. It may not be the cake in itself, but the combination of the three things above. What is better than a cup of tea? A cup of tea with cake.

And now, I am curious: what do you think when you look at my slice of cake?